WoW Talent Builds

Warlock Talent Builds

The Warlock uses Damage Over Time (DOTs) and long cast ranged spells to do damage to their enemies. They have 3 talent trees to pick from. Demonology allows them to have strong demons like the Felguard. Affliction is strong in damage over time spells while Destruction focuses on direct damage through spells and debuffs. The most popular warlock talent build is affliction though, with the least popular being demonology.

Warlock Leveling Build

Demonology is the most popular warlock leveling build. A warlock is incredibly effective when standing behind a strong minion. Once you get your Felguard you’ll be practically unstoppable. The Felguard can cleave and do a lot of one on one damage as well.

Affliction Build

The affliction build is the most popular warlock build in raids and PvP. The build build is a 31/4/6 build. Grab Glyph of Haunt, Unstable Affliction and Corruption for your primary slots as well as Life Tap and Shadow Bolt for your major glyph spots. Shadow Bolt will be your ‘filler’ spell once all the other priorities are exhausted. Use your Doomguard when possible along with your Felhunter while focusing on Intellect and Hit up to 17%. You can reforge crit and master into haste if your hit is maxed at 17%.

Demonology Build

The Demo build uses Metamorphosis when available and a Felguard to do direct damage. Incinerate is used when Molten Core is up and Shadow Bolt is used as the filler after that. The most popular demo build is a 3/31/7 build. Grab Glyph of Metamorphisis, Immolate, Incinerate, Life Tap and Shadow Bolt to top off the build. Just like the afflication warlocks maximize hit at 17% and focus on intellect. Then you can reforge haste and crit into mastery.

Destruction Build

The destruction tree is the least used tree for warlocks although it provides a fun play style. Stick to a 3/7/31 build or similar. Load up with Glyph of Imp, Immolate, Conflagrate and Life Tap. Stats work exactly the same for all three warlock builds. Get Intellect first, max hit at 17% and then reforge crit and mastery into haste.

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